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15 High Res Wallpapers Perfect for Your New iPad’s Retina Display

The new iPad’s retina screen is impressive. Apple has crammed an amazing 3.1-million pixels into the tablet’s 9.7-inch display, boasting 44% greater color saturation than the previous model. We have previously brought you some great apps to showcase that 2,048-by-1,536 resolution display, and now we have some gorgeous wallpapers that will look stunning on your […]

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13 Branded iPhone Apps That Enhance Their Company’s Products

Branded mobile apps come in a variety of types — they tend to focus on entertainment, utility or product enhancement.

Entertainment and utility apps don’t necessarily highlight a company’s offerings in a lot of cases. But apps developed with product enhancement in mind generally introduce services beyond those already offered by businesses.

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4 Fantastic iPhone Cases for Photographers

Among the many cases available for the iPhone, we found several functional and clever cases created especially for iPhotographers. Interested to see how the cases could aid iPhone photography, we tried and tested four options.

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10 Amazing Android Photos

We’ve been really impressed with the iPhotography being produced on Apple’s iPhone, so we decided to take a look and see whether Android owners were also coming up with the goods.

We’ve found some amazing land- and city-scape images taken by all manner of Google-powered phones and using all manner of Android photography apps, proving that iPhone photography isn’t the only area where mobile snappers are making a mark.

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20+ iPhone 5 Rumors

Steve Hemmerstoffer from has compiled all the rumors about the features of the upcoming iPhone 5 in a sleek infographic. The likelihood that these speculated upgrades would actually appear on the new iPhone are shown below in percentages.

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Top 15 Damn You, Autocorrects of all-time

We just blew the dust off of our Google Analytics traffic monitor and realized since we launched Damn You Autocorrect back in October, the site has gotten over 300 million page views! That’s crazy! So thanks to everyone for reading!

And now, thanks to the analytics, here are the 15 most viewed autocorrect fails sent in to Damn You Autocorrect since the site launch. Can you can guess what the #1 most popular submission has been so far?

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12 Helpful Tools in Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website

Majority of individuals are now browsing the internet through their handsets due to the recently developed mobile phones with internet browsing capabilities such as Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G and GPRS. Because of this fact, the demand is increasing for web designers to make their site’s content accessible to mobile users

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7 Most Controversial iPhone Apps

Even with Apple’s infamously rigorous application process, we’ve seen a fair number of controversial apps hit the iTunes App Store.

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10 Best Multimedia and Entertainment Android Apps

Brian Sawyer is an editor for O’Reilly Media’s Head First division and the co-author of Best Android Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders . The following is based in part on content from the book. Wherever you are, if you find yourself alone and in need of entertainment, you’ll likely reach for your Android phone […]

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Top 5 DIY iPhone Stands [PICS]

You’ve already forked out plenty for your iPhone or iPod touch, so why tax your wallet further by buying an expensive stand?

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Top 10 Free iPhone Word Games

To say that here at Mashable we “heart” word games is as much of an understatement as saying the ocean is a bit wet. Fellow wordsmiths know there are few things better than a good game involving language, but with the App Store (App Store) brimming with such offerings, which ones do you go for? […]

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3 Useful Things You Didn’t Know Your Camera Phone Could Do

Having a camera built into your phone isn’t a big deal anymore. But when you combine that camera with the rich software applications that run on devices like the iPhone and Android, you get lots of cool new ways to put your cameraphone to good use.

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10 iPhone Games You Gotta Have – PC World

There might be thousands and thousands of game choices at the App Store, but the sad truth is that most of them aren’t worth your time — or money. Here’s a list of the ten games that every iPhone or iPod touch owner should have. If you’re missing any, download it now so you’re not […]

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27 Creative and Futuristic Cell Phone Concept designs

Technology is growing at a drastic rate. Whats new today, is obsolete tomorrow. Lets be honest, we can never live without cell phones. Its what we live and roam around with everyday. As User Interaction becomes more and more demanding these days, the technology has to cope up. We have seen the evolution of Mobile […]

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